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Bloomsburg Block Party

Special Feeds

Only available block party weekend.
Bloomsburg Police(pending) listeners

Dedicated feed for Bloomsburg Town Police

Bloomsburg University Feeds

Always available.
Bloomsburg University
(pending) listeners

Dedicated feed for Bloomsburg University Police

Columbia County Feeds

Always available.
(Note: County police feeds no longer include BUPD)
Columbia County
Public Safety
(pending) listenersStereo feed with all Columbia County Police on the left and Fire/EMS on the right.

Columbia County
(pending) listenersAll Columbia County Police
Columbia County
Police Priority
(pending) listenersAll Columbia County Police. Includes Fire/EMS when the Police feed is silent.

Columbia County
(pending) listenersColumbia County Fire/EMS Dispatch and Operations
Columbia County
Fire/EMS Priority
(pending) listenersColumbia County Fire/EMS. Includes Police when the Fire/EMS feed is silent.