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  • Added a feed for Bloomsburg University's new trunked radio system, which includes BUPD.
  • Removed notch filter at 152.5MHz to receive Bloomsburg University's system. We'll monitor other frequencies to see if intermodulation issues return.
  • Removed decommissioned BUPD frequencies from police feeds.
  • Removed "Mobile Ops 1" due to intermodulation involving Bloomsburg University's new MOTOTRBO system transmitting on 155.8800MHz.
  • Removed the following due to infrequent use and ongoing interference issues:
    • P2 - Regional
    • P4 - National
    • Berwick Borough
    • Briar Creek Township
    • North Centre Township
    • Scott Township
    • South Centre Township
  • Added notch filter at 147MHz to block 2-meter amateur band due to intermod.
  • Added several new feeds:
    • Columbia County Fire/EMS
    • Columbia County Fire/EMS Priority
    • Columbia County Police
    • Columbia County Police Priority
    • Luzerne County Fire/EMS
  • Converted the "Columbia County Public Safety" feed to stereo, with Fire/EMS on the right channel and Police on the left.
  • Re-added tone squelch to the following, to avoid interference:
    • County Ops 1 (interference source: unknown)
    • County Ops 2 (interference source: unknown)
    • South Centre Township (interference sources: Pottstown Public Works, DCNR Cambria County repeater)
  • Added tone squelch lock-out to the following, to avoid interference:
    • County P4 National (interference source: unknown CTCSS 91.5Hz)
    • County EMA P5 (interference source: Northampton County Dispatch 2)
    • Lime Ridge/Mifflin FD (interference source: Clinton County PD Dispatch)
    • Mobile Ops 2 (interference source: Lackawanna County Zone 2 PD)
    • Mobile Ops 4 (interference source: Pike County Ch1 Fire Dispatch/Ops)
  • Enabled fire dispatch priority. If there is a fire dispatch toned out it will interrupt all other radio traffic.
  • Resolved audio issues
  • Re-added tone squelch to the following, to avoid interference:
    • Bloomsburg University PD Simplex
    • Scott Township
  • Removed System / Department from alpha tags to reduce the chance of triggering the Scanner Radio repeating audio bug
  • Removed "Mobile Ops 5" due to interference from an unknown system
  • Re-added tone squelch to the following, to avoid interference:
    • Briar Creek Township (interference source: Lackawanna County - Dunmore Borough PD)
    • County EMA (interference source: multi-county TRBO TRS)
    • North Centre Township (interference source: Lackawanna County Zone 2 PD)
  • Broadcastify updated metadata interval system-wide for more frequent alpha tag updates
  • Removed tone squelch from all frequencies to avoid missing the beginning of some transmissions
  • Installed notch filters at 152.5MHz and 162.5MHz to eliminate intermodulation
  • Removed STARnet Interop channels on 851.4375, since they seem to be used primarily by PennDOT
  • Switched feed to Uniden BCD536HP
  • Added the following frequencies, to evaluate reception and usefulness: 
    • BUPD Simplex (155.0400)
    • Bloomsburg Fire Police (154.1750)
    • Bloomsburg Fire Ops (154.2050)
    • Espy FD (153.8450)
    • Lime Ridge FD (159.0225)
    • North Centre Township (154.8150)
    • Scott Township (155.1000)
    • South Centre Township (155.8350)
  • Installed new antenna to improve reception of Bloomsburg PD and mobile/portable units