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Feed Overview

What makes this feed better?

  • Alpha tags are available to help identify what you're listening to. You must use a player capable of decoding and displaying the alpha tags, such as Scanner Radio (Android [recommended]/iOS), TuneIn Radio (Android/iOS [recommended]), VLC (Windows/OS X), Winamp (Windows), or iTunes (Windows/OS X).
  • An outdoor antenna is used to improve reception. Many of the county frequencies are not repeated, which makes them more difficult to receive. This feed is able to receive mobile radios from beyond the Luzerne County line to nearly the Montour County line along Route 11 and the Susquehanna.
  • Fire dispatch priority. If there is a fire dispatch toned out it will interrupt all other radio traffic.
  • No activity, no sound. A high-quality audio interface is used to capture scanner audio, preventing background noise that is constantly present on most scanner feeds.
  • Scanner audio is processed to improve speech clarity and normalize volume levels. Frequencies outside of the human vocal range are also removed, to further reduce background noise.