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Technical Details

Feed is captured from a Uniden BCD536HP on a Mac Mini. The captured audio is equalized and the dynamics are processed prior to streaming for improved sound quality.

Scanner antenna is a DPD OmniX installed at 35 feet, fed by 60 feet of LMR-400. Two PAR notch filters (at 152.5MHz and 162.5MHz) are used to eliminate front-end overload due to local paging and NOAA transmitters. Confirmed mobile radio coverage range of at least 13 miles (from south-west Berwick).

Alpha tags are provided to more easily identify what is being heard. A custom perl script is used to read tags from the scanner via RS-232. Tag information is read from the scanner twice per second and sent to Broadcastify immediately as changes occur.

All equipment involved in providing this feed is connected to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to maintain power for approximately 45 minutes following a utility power failure. During a power outage the feed's alpha tags will display "POWER FAIL" along with the remaining battery runtime.