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Scanner Audio Feeds

We now offer multiple feeds so you can choose what you hear. Read on to find out more about each feed, or you can jump to How to Listen.

Columbia County Public Safety

Our main feed, now in stereo. Police will be heard on the left channel and Fire/EMS on the right. When supported by the app or player, you can fade left or right to hear just one side (very useful on phones). For more information, see our Listening to a Stereo Feed page.

This feed is listed in Broadcastify and TuneIn directories to get you started just by browsing or searching.

Columbia County Public Safety - Priority Feeds

If you're listening on a phone or tablet, or just don't want to hear two things at once, we also offer "Priority" feeds. These feeds will automatically mute the less preferred audio, allowing you to focus on what is more important to you.

Fire/EMS Priority Police Priority
Fire/EMS traffic interrupts all Police traffic. Police traffic interrupts all Fire/EMS traffic.

Columbia County Public Safety - Dedicated Feeds

If you are only interested in hearing Police or Fire/EMS, there is one last option - dedicated feeds.

Fire/EMS Police
This feed will only have Fire/EMS dispatch and operations. No chance of missing an update from the scene of an incident due to a seemingly endless NCIC report. High speed pursuit through your neighborhood? No interruptions from Fire/EMS dispatches here.

Bloomsburg University

Bloomsburg University's radio system, including university police. BUPD is no longer included on other feeds.

Luzerne County Fire/EMS

Quite often personnel and apparatus from Columbia County will respond into neighboring counties to assist. In these situations, you usually won't hear anything other than response status on the Columbia County feeds. Due to our location, we were in the perfect position to provide this feed for those interested in following incidents in Luzerne County.

This feed covers Luzerne dispatch, along with operations on Fire South and Fire West.

Special Feeds

During large events or major incidents, we may choose to offer a dedicated feed with only relevant frequencies.