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Using XiiaLive

We recommend XiiaLive for both Android and iOS.

Why we like XiiaLive...

  • All of our feeds are available. (Most scanner apps use Broadcastify's directory, which only allows us to list three of our ten feeds.)
  • If you're listening and miss something, you can rewind the audio to hear it again.
  • You can disable "Audio Focus" in the settings to keep the scanner feed playing while you listen to music or watch videos. (Android only)
  • Feed metadata is displayed to indicate what you're hearing.
  • And, most importantly, it will play forever in the background. Even if you switch between cell data and WiFi.

Download for Android: XiiaLive - Internet Radio | XiiaLive Pro - Internet Radio

Download for iOS: XiiaLive – Internet Radio - Visual Blasters LLC

How to Listen Using XiiaLive on Android:

General instructions:

  • From the main XiiaLive screen, tap Directories.
  • Select "SHOUTcast Radio"
  • Tap "Search"
  • Search for:
  • Select the feed you want to listen to. [feed information]