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All-Inclusive Playground Coming Soon

PENN TOWNSHIP, Pa. – It's just a patch of grass at East Snyder Park near Selinsgrove. But in a little over a month, if all goes according to plan, it will be a playground. But not just any playground.
"There's a big ramp that two wheelchairs can fit side by side, there's a cozy cocoon if it becomes overwhelming they can get in and chill out," Cindy Russell said.
Construction starts later this week on an all-inclusive playground. It will offer playground equipment for children of all abilities.
"It's not only for healthy children, it's also for sick children, so it works two ways and I think it's really important," Andy Russell said.
Andy Russell played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and has a foundation that gives money to children's causes. The Andy Russell Charitable Foundation gave money for the playground.
"Sometimes I sort of blink and wonder, is this really for real? But it is. We're going to have a playground here in just a couple of weeks," Fritz Heinemann said.
Fritz Heinemann of Kratzerville had the idea for the all-inclusive playground about two years ago. He says there aren't many like it in Pennsylvania.
"Not exclusively the way we've designed it and had it structured. It will be unique in itself," Heinemann said.
Christian Courtney is co-chair of the project and says he wishes the playground was here when he was younger.
"It's like a dream to me to get to do this," Courtney said.
Organizers want to get people involved with the playground, so there will be a community build day on Saturday, May 11.
Construction starts later this week. Organizers expect the playground to open June 1.