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Bloomsburg: Flooding Precautions

The Bloomsburg Police Department is providing notification to all residents who live in the “West End” of Bloomsburg of the potential for Fishing Creek to flood. Fishing Creek can be unpredictable under the heavy rain conditions we have experienced over the last several days.

​All residents west of Railroad St. should be preparing to evacuate with short notice. Have personal items ready to go with the possibility of being away for up to 72 hours. Move valuables to a second story if possible. Residents should consider leaving now to reduce the possibility be caught unaware.

If flooding becomes immanent the Bloomsburg Police Department will sound the flood warning system. If you hear the Flood warning siren this means it’s time to evacuate immediately.

​In the past, flooding of Fishing Creek has occurred rapidly and there is little time evacuate.

​For current updated information go to the Columbia County EMA Facebook page or the Columbia County EMA web site.