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Montour County

Free Parking for Holiday Shoppers in Danville

DANVILLE, Pa. — Doing a little holiday shopping in downtown Danville just got less expensive.
Decorative holiday bags and gift boxes cover the meters which means free parking.
Danville’s police chief says the free parking between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. on weekdays and weekends is mainly along Mill Street. This is in the borough’s business district.
Although you don’t have to slug the meters, the two-hour time limit still applies.

The Keto Diet: Cracking the Code

It’s one of the most talked about weight loss crazes of 2018.
From celebrities to fitness trainers, many are buzzing about the Keto Diet.
On social media including Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, millions of avid followers are talking about the diet and sharing recipes using “#Keto.”
So what is the Keto Diet? Who might it help?  And, what are the ups and downs?

Christmas Tree Stand Collection in Central PA Breaks Guinness World Record

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- From standard red to more colorful varieties, a massive collection of Christmas tree stands lines the walls inside Kohl's Stony Hill Tree Farm near Danville.
The sheer number of Christmas tree stands--1,197--has broken a Guinness World Record.
"I have never seen anything like this ever in my life. It is something to look at," said Harrison Ramsey of Montandon.
From the ornaments to the Christmas tree stands, Christmas cheer is in full throttle.

Geisinger Puts Focus on Veterans’ Employment

GEISINGER MEDICAL CENTER -- Veterans spend years of their lives serving our country, but when they come back home and try to get a job, sometimes transitioning into the workforce can be difficult.
Geisinger is hoping to change that. Recently, Geisinger hired Army veteran Christopher Grill as the Veterans Employee Training Specialist.

Change in Leadership at Geisinger

MAHONING TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- There will soon be a change in leadership at Geisinger.
Dr. David Feinberg is stepping down as president and CEO of the healthcare company after nearly four years.
Feinberg will leave in January to take on a leadership role at Google.
Geisinger's board has appointed Dr. Jaewon Ryu as interim president.
Dr. Ryu has been Geisinger's senior vice president and chief medical officer since 2016.

Campaign Volunteers Busy on Election Eve

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- The Columbia County Democratic Headquarters in Bloomsburg was a busy place Monday. Volunteers dropped in throughout the morning. It was the hustle and bustle of Election Eve.
"I'll be going out, hopefully, knock on some doors and get people to come out and vote tomorrow. It's the final hours," Chase Urban said.
Volunteers are especially interested in the race for the 9th U.S. Congressional District.
"Yes, it's a big one," Pam Stetler said.

Man Lied About Son’s Illness to Steal Thousands of Dollars from Donors: Troopers

DANVILLE, Pa. -- State police said a man from Danville made up a story about his son being seriously ill to steal thousands of dollars.
Court papers show Chris Shultz stole $7,400 from donors. He told them he was behind on medical bills for his sick infant son, but health records show his son was perfectly healthy.
Police said Schultz told people he could use the money because his son needed a liver transplant and chemotherapy.
People who knew Shultz but didn’t want to go on camera said it’s sad he had to go to that length for money.

Trick or Treating at the Hospital

MAHONING TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- From looking at the big smile on Aislynn Tiblin's face, you would never know she is in the hospital. The 10-year-old girl from Pleasant Gap was bummed to find out she must stay in the hospital on Halloween until some trick or treaters came to her room.
"Coloring books, stickers, cups, and a basketball player gave me a rag," Aislynn Tiblin said.
"Missing the Halloween festivities in school today, but we just had some fun. A little bit of Halloween festivities here in the hospital will make up for it," Elizabeth Tiblin said.

Harsher Penalties for DUI Drivers

DANVILLE, Pa. -- Repeat DUI offenders in Pennsylvania now face harsher penalties.
Governor Tom Wolf signed legislation this week increasing punishments for people who continue to drive under the influence.
For example, after three of more DUIs, people will now be convicted of a felony instead of a misdemeanor, often meaning tougher punishment.
People we spoke with say anything we can do to limit people being on the road after drinking is a good thing.

New Housing in Planned in Danville

DANVILLE, Pa. -- When people come to the Montour County Courthouse it's hard to miss the building next door.
The former Danville Manor has seen better days. It's been vacant since 2012 when it was condemned due to lack of heat.
"In all the surrounding towns, Millville, Benton, Bloom, Danville, they all have vacant. It makes me sad," Nadeane Fry said.
But this building won't be vacant for much longer. Irondale Luxury Housing out of Bloomsburg plans to turn the building into luxury dormitory-style housing.


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