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Montour County

Danville Police: Wife Stabs Husband in Neck on Valentine’s Day Morning

DANVILLE, Pa. -- Police say a husband and wife spent their Valentine's Day in a rather different way than most couples, and it left the wife charged with assault.
Brenda Solorzano is accused of stabbing her husband in the neck with a pen.
Danville police were called to the Spirit Gas Station just before 7 a.m. Valentine's Day for a domestic dispute.
The police chief says he found Julio Solorzano with a one-inch stab wound to his neck.
Julio told the chief his wife, Brenda, stabbed him with a pen after screaming at him outside the convenience store.

Rash of Car Break-ins in Danville

DANVILLE, Pa. -- A rash of overnight vehicle break-ins has police in Danville warning residents to lock it up.
Since Saturday night, about 10 cars have been reportedly broken into.
With another theft occurring Tuesday night and sparse leads, Danville police are asking for residents to stay vigilant.
"It's all residential at this point. Someone since last Saturday has been going through people's vehicles, taking odds and ends, things that are not attached, money, change, some clothing in some cases," said Chief Eric Gill.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

DANVILLE, Pa. -- With polar-like conditions predicted for the next few days, frigid air is part of the package. Freezing temperatures can sometimes lead to frozen pipes.
Just ask Michele Whitenight of Riverside.
"Some of our pipes froze and then we didn't have water upstairs to get showers. [It's] Very frustrating when you have three kids," Whitenight said.
For plumbers such as Rich Roesly of Danville, January and February are his busiest months.
"This time of year is freeze ups. That's usually the bulk of our work," Roesly said.

Duck Donuts Brings Chemo Ducks to Janet Weis Children’s Hospital

MAHONING TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Patients at Janet Weis Children's Hospital near Danville got out of their hospital beds for a few minutes on Monday for a sweet treat.
Employees from Duck Donuts in State College brought the children a doughnut-decorating party.
But doughnuts weren't the only things employees from Duck Donuts brought. They also brought ducks.
Duck Donuts raised nearly $2,000 to buy chemo ducks for the oncology patients here at the hospital. They will be given to cancer patients at Janet Weis Children's Hospital.

Remembering the Coldest Day on Record on Another Especially Cold Day

DANVILLE, Pa. -- It’s an anniversary some people might want to forget. The coldest day on record was 25 years ago on January 21, 1994 at -21 degrees.
The main street was deserted in Danville and some businesses were shut down because of the frigid temperatures on that day.
The scene on Monday in five-degree weather wasn’t much different. People weren’t outside unless they were bundled up.
“It's colder than I would like to tell you the truth,” Brian Kile of Danville said.

Digging out from Winter Storm

A winter storm blew through central Pennsylvania, making roadways slick and travel tricky. Parts of Route 54 were closed to truck traffic near Mount Carmel, and plow trucks had a big mess to clean up. Even so, parts of central Pennsylvania got less snow than projected.
"I was expecting about a foot of snow, so it's nice not to have to deal with all of that, especially since it's supposed to be freezing rain on top of it," Sean Faust said.
Sean Faust of Danville is one of many people dealing with the ice and slush that the rain left behind.

Hitting the Road for the Holidays

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- There was a lot of traffic on Interstate 80 as holiday travelers passed through the area.
AAA estimates one in three Americans will be traveling this holiday season. That is 112.5 million travelers, which is more than last year.
"I don't mind. I don't mind at all as long as I can get down and see my grandkids," said Sharon Quattrini of Painted Post, New York.
This rest stop along Interstate 80 eastbound near Danville was a busy spot. It was a good stopping point for travelers as they made their way to their holiday destinations.

Hospital Gifts Christmas Presents to Sick Children

MAHONING TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Geisinger hosted the toy shop in the lobby of the Janet Weis Children's Hospital near Danville on Friday night.
Parents can pick up free Christmas gifts for kids who will have to spend the holiday in a hospital bed.
"This is absolutely incredible. We were here for both major holidays so to be here and to have all these wonderful people be willing and able and excited to do this for us is more than we could have ever imagined," said Shannon Sharkazy.
Toys, art supplies and other gifts were available for parents at Geisinger.

Shelter Seeking Help Caring for Rescued Animals

COOPER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Dozens of animals rescued from a property in central Pennsylvania are now safe at a shelter, but that place now needs your help.
Humane officers removed 118 animals from a home in Centre County this week; many of them are considered livestock.
About a dozen of those animals are now being cared for at a shelter in Montour County.
The rescues include mini horses, mini donkeys, pigs, and alpacas.

Free Parking for Holiday Shoppers in Danville

DANVILLE, Pa. — Doing a little holiday shopping in downtown Danville just got less expensive.
Decorative holiday bags and gift boxes cover the meters which means free parking.
Danville’s police chief says the free parking between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. on weekdays and weekends is mainly along Mill Street. This is in the borough’s business district.
Although you don’t have to slug the meters, the two-hour time limit still applies.


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